A Taste Of Farming Life

The story of the potatoes from 1900—1994.  As well as the various farming methods, including horses, an interesting visit is paid to ’’Tayto’’ crisp factory in Tandragee as well as a Visit to Rosemary Kennedy’s kitchen where we are shown the traditional way to make Irish Champ and potato bread.2000 years ago, potatoes were growing wild on the plains of America.  Drake or Raleigh, (no one is sure which) brought them to Ireland.  That was over 300 years ago.This film follows the forutnes of three generations of potato groweres and the varius farming methods employed. Near Ballycastle, John and Alex Butler still farm with the horses.  They re-enact the complete potato season between the war years 1918-1939. The Cloughmills Vintage Club show us the changing farming methods between 1936 and the 1960's.  Henry Shannon and Willie Anderson display an abundance of vintage machines still in perfect working order. Gilmore LInton and Gerry Higgins are "intensive" potato growers.  For these two men each season is a gamble against the odds; bad weather and often equally bad prices.An interesting visit is paid to the "Tayto" crisp factory at Tandragee, also "Ballymoney Foods", and in Rosemary Kennedy's kitchen near Cullybackey, we are shown the traditional way to make Irish champ.

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