The War Years

A history lesson not to be missed.  This DVD deals with ordinary Irish country people and how they coped with the difficulties of living in a country at war.On Sunday 3rd September 1939 War was declared between Britain and Germany.  Within 2 years this had become a world-wide conflict.  As well as historical facts this video deals with the country events during the War years.  Michael McCloskey records his days as an eight year old schoolboy.  In those days owning a radio would have guaranteed a full house every evening to listen to the 9 o'clock news from the BBC.  Garvagh men Jackie Templeton and Ali McMillian relive their days in the Home Guard.  IN April 1941 Belfast was bombed with over 900 people killed and in Glenullin a Blenheim Bomber crashed killing all of the crew.  Local people living in that area still see the ghost of that plane even today.In January 1942 American G.I's arrived in Garvagh with plenty of cigarettes, candy and silk stockings.  Thee are humourous and serious stories of their time here.  For those who still remmber the last War this vidoe should bring back many memories and for the younger generation, a look back at an important page in history.  

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