Muckross Traditional Farming - "Preserving the past"

This video was filmed in Muckross Traditional Farm, Killarney.  The farms at Muckross are replicas of those that would have existed in Ireland during the 1920s and 30s. The farms themselves are actual working farms with their own horses, cattle sheep, pigs and hens, they are situated in the centre of Killarney National Park. This video shows the farming methods as they would have been in this era when all farm work was carried out by horses, donkeys and human labour.  We follow the full farming year at Muckross showing exactly how ground would have been prepared and the crops harvested in the 1930s.  We also follow the woman year on the farm showing butter and butter milk being made and bread making. A variety of different crafts and traditional Irish skills are captured in this one hour long video. Produced by Thompson Video Productions Co. Derry Northern Ireland 

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