Linen People - Past and Present

New Release Linen People - Past and Present - The late Wallace Clark once stated ''Linen is the aristocrat of textiles, strong as steel and delicate as silk''.

From the late 1700s Irish Linen was Ireland's main export and in the 1800s over a quarter of a million acres of flax was grown in Ulster. In this new film we involve people who remember 'the good old days' of flax production and also meet The McConville brothers from Co. Down who still grow and process a good quantity of flax every year. There are stories from farmers who grew the famous crop, those who worked in the mills and factories, craft spinners who would spend two days spinning two miles of fine thread and Marion who can make a living from weaving fine linen cloth. There is also a new generation of sophisticated linen users who like to mix the traditional with modern methods and who see a bright future in the famous Irish Linen.

This new DVD is a must for every farmer.

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