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Classic Collection


Disc 1 'A Taste of Farming Life' - The story of the potatoes from the turn of the last century working with the horses, the vintage years of the 50s and 60s up until the mid 1990s. This film also pays a visit to Tayto crisps, Ballymoney's frozen chips and Rosemary Kennedy who shows us how to make Irish Champ and potato bread.

Disc 2 'Those Days are Gone' - The Irish turf harvest, showing the turf or peat cutting as it was done long ago. The various means of harvesting and saving this important crop are well documented and the different tools involved well explained. In bygone days in rural Ireland burning turf was the sole means of cooking and keeping the house warm. By the 1970s machines came unto the market which could harvest more fuel in an hour than a man with a spade could have produced in a week. This film also features bee keeping, rare breeds of Irish cattle and Ireland's largest poultry and duck sale.

Disc 3 'Preserving the Past' - At Muckross House Traditional Farms Killarney. This film, based on the 1930s shows the complete Irish farming year as it was before the advent of electricity or tractors on the farms and when all the work was done using horses, women and men. As well as growing and harvesting of the crops this best selling DVD also shows the women's role like milking, making butter, baking soda bread and her big day was when the thresher visited the farm and she would have to cook for up to 20 hungry men. The film ends with an evening of traditional dancing.

Disc 4 'Farming Down the Years' - The oats harvest of the 1950s. For the Irish farmer the 1950s were difficult years, Britain was slowly recovering from five years of war and money was scarce. The tractor had by this time almost taken over from the horse and even small farmers were beginning to realise that they too had to move with the times. Three vintage enthusiasts take us through the complete season of the oats harvest. With so much vintage machinery on display, the now almost forgotten sounds of the Cuckoo and Corncrake, this film should bring back many memories.

Disc 5 'The History of Farming' - The changing face of farming through the 20th century. Agriculture is the world's most important industry and for 15,000 years man has been making a living from working the land. In this film we look at the changing face of farming from a crude man powered plough to the introduction of steam in the mid 19th century. The Bellaghy vintage men take us through a season based on the 1940s and 50s with donkeys, Fordsons and Ferguson tractors

Disc 6 'Lint and Linen' - The story of the Flax. Flax is one of the world's oldest known fibres. For over 250 years farmers all around Ireland grew flax and the world famous Irish Linen Label became a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This DVD shows the complete flax season based on the 1950s As well as the growing,pulling, stooking, dam retting and drying, we also follow the crop through scutching, spinning, weaving, beetling, bleaching until the flax is finally transferred into a beautiful Irish Linen tablecloth.

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