Black Magic

On a cool day towards the end of May in 1965 local boy Dick Creith won the big race - the 500cc Class - at the North West 200 which was then, and still is, the fastest Road Race on the British Isles.

Dick was aboard a Joe Ryan prepared 500cc Norton and his average speed was 104 mph which was, even by totday's standards, pretty quick.  The line-up that days was comprised of Norton, Matchless, Triumph and B.S.A. bikes.

However, the Japanese domination was just around the corner.  Soon the names of Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha were to appear on leaderboards, not only here but on circuits all around the world.

The name Norton was to become a figure of the past, a piece of history and a gleaming exhibition to be displayed proudly at Vintage Parades.

23 years later a new rotary engine Norton returned in the Norht West triangle with top English rider Simon Buckmaster.  It was treated however as something of an Irish joke, especially as the British bike only completed half-a-lap.  1989 porved better with Steve Spray taking thrid place behind Scotish rider Steve Hislop.

Norton manager Barry Simmons this yfear has recruited Trevor Nation and course spiecialist Robert Dunlop in the hope that history will repeat itself.  Can the local boy do what Dick Crieth did a quarter of a century ago?

As well as the two Superbike Races we also feature the new 125 Race, and what a battle that proved to be - with Ballymoney rider Mark Sterling's spectacular crash captured on camera by specatator Stephen Burney.  This all adds to an excellent and informative commentary by Ulster Televisition's Jacke Fullerton.  You can look forward to 60 minutes of excitement and drama.

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