Billy McFarland Coming Home

  Join Billy in the beautiful Irish countryside as he performs 15 Classic Country songs.   Billy McFarland is one of Ireland's most popular entainers, known all over Ireland and Britain where he plays regularly to packed audiences.   This DVD has something for everyone, so sit back and enjoy the fabulous sounds of Billy McFarland and 'Coming Home'


The Billy McFarland story

(Narrated by Trevor Smyth.

9 Silver threads amongst the Gold (Blackwood)
2 Coming Home (Unknown) 10 She wears my ring (Acuff Rose)
3 Rose of Mooncoin (Reba Music) 11 The older the Violin (London Tree Music)
4 Galway Bay (Traditional) 12 DJ for a Day (Unknown)
5 Brown to Blue (Glad Music) 13 Harvest Moon (McClean)
6 Memory No. 1 (Locklin)
14 Donegal I love you (Copyright Control) 
7 Tonight Carmen (Acuff Rose)
15 O My Papa (Bernstien)
8 I'll never take you back (Peterson/Wood)

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