Angler's Paradise

The river Bann is one of the finest fishing rivers in Europe.  In this 59 minute DVD we take you along on a trip featuring trapping salmon at the cuts.  Operations explained by B. McKay, Fishery manager.  A feast of salmon caught on rod at Carnroe, by far the best beat on the Bann.You can benefit from a trip to the Department of Agriculture Hatchery, showing the various stages and operations of rearing trout from egg to various stocking out sizes.In addition the Bann holds a massive stock of coarse fish.  We take a look at some of the top internationals fishing it prior to the international competion.  As the silver eel leaves Lough Neagh to start its long migration to the sea, we also take a look at trapping eels.  Bert also takes a look at the threat which the salmon are under - pollution, monafiliment nets, etc.

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